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Buying a home isn’t simple. Unless you’re with MAry Dempster.

Buying a home is serious business. There are a lot of small details to know, and without a professional realtor, you might find your dream quickly becoming a nightmare. Mary and Barbara have bought and sold hundreds of homes over dozens of years. Their dedication is what makes the difference for both first time home buyers and repeat buyers. Choose to buy a house with The Dempster Difference and find that your dream has become a reality.


  • Negotiating is tricky. How calm are your nerves when the deal of a lifetime is on the line? Barbara and Mary do it all day, every day. Go with Mary and Barbara and see how professionals negotiate. Smile, and rest assured that the purchase or sale of your home has been maximized to afford you the most value.
  • Access to the market. Think finding a home is as simple as, “search the MLS”? Think again. Mary and Barbara has nearly half a century of combined experience in Toronto. They know every neighbourhood as if it were their own, from Cabbagetown to Yorkville. They get you exactly what you are looking for. 
  • Convenience. Do you want to search for a home, schedule appointments to see them, negotiate with buyers and write legally binding contracts? We do. Let Mary Dempster handle every detail, and see why She is among the best in Toronto.
  • Understanding How to Price. Mary and Barbara can price a home the minute they walk through the front door. They know what the value of a home should be, and whether or not the deal fits your needs.
  • With You Every Step of the Way. Before, during, and after the purchase of your beautiful Toronto home, Mary Dempster will be by your side, providing you with information pertaining to best practices strategy. Feel at ease knowing that we can handle anything.




It’s time to take the plunge, and call Mary Dempster now! It’s the best decision you can make for finding your dream home.