11 Must-Try Yonge & Lawrence Restaurants


Let’s talk Yonge & Lawrence restaurants.

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Eating out is such a huge part of our lives, whether we go out with friends for a casual get together, a loved one for date night, or the entire family for a night out. Finding the perfect restaurant in a city as big as Toronto can feel like a task – especially since there are so many incredible restaurants to choose from!

Yonge and Lawrence is a great area with a ton of restaurants to choose from. The area is lucky to be home to such a wide range of options of food from all over the world. For your next night out, definitely take the time to head to Yonge and Lawrence.

Here are a few of our favorite Yonge and Lawrence restaurants to get you started:

The Best Yonge & Lawrence Restaurants

  1. Stack Restaurant -  3265 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: BBQ, American, Comfort Food

Stack Restaurant is known for its massive two hand premium grind burgers. They are known for their meat, but also offer delicious grilled fish tacos and fresh salads. There is no way you will leave hungry here! They also deliver.

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2. Joy Thai Restaurant3192 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Thai, Seafood, Noodles

There is nothing better than good Thai food to satisfy a craving. Joey’s has delicious South Asian dishes ranging from noodles, to soups and curries. Whether you’re vegetarian or a meat eater, you will find the perfect dish for the whole family here.

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3. Parmigianno Trattoria3186 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Italian

If you are looking for a cozy, authentic Italian place to share a bottle of wine and a bowl of pasta, then look no further. Parmigianno Trattoria offers thin-crust pizza and Italian dishes served up with home-grown herbs. It’s small and rustic, perfect for a romantic date.

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4. The Sushi Bar3365 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Japanese, Sushi

There are so many sushi places in the city, it can be hard to know which ones to try. The Sushi Bar is a great sushi spot with all of our favorite maki, rolls, and sashimi prepared right in front of you at the sushi bar. The place earns its name!

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5. Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar3438 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Steak, Wine Bar, American

Nothing beats a good steak or some seafood grilled over charcoal. At Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar, they grill over maple charcoal for a unique taste. They also have a massive wine list and a gorgeous contemporary setting, perfect for large groups or an intimate night out.

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6. A La Turk3443 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Turkish

Turkish food is a ton of fun and jam packed with delicious flavours. A La Turk has home-style Turkish food that is made with fresh ingredients that will transport your taste buds to another continent. Turkish food rocks your palette with food that tastes like nothing else you can get on a night out.

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7. Gamberoni Ristorante 3238 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Italian

If you want some feel-good Italian, then Gamerboni is the place for you. Be transported back in time to the old school style of Italian restaurants – white table clothes with checkered table clothes underneath, a chalkboard menu and classic Italian dishes.

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8. Maiz 3220 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Latin American

Taco night is Maiz’s speciality! They offer a menu of melt in your mouth taco options and a bunch of tasty drinks and snacks to go with it. Latin cuisine is truly an experience for your taste buds, and the chefs at Maiz know what they are doing. Serving up things like tacos and crowd favorite Latin dishes, Maiz focuses on fresh organic ingredients and boasts 95% gluten free, vegan options.

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9. Trio Pizzeria3239 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Italian, Pizza

You cannot beat wood fired pizza, and Trio Pizzeria has a wood-burning oven onsite serving up delicious specialty pizzas. The restaurant is quant and cozy, perfect for bringing the whole family or that special someone. There is something for everyone on the menu, with pizza, salads, pasta, and great Italian fare.

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10. The Monkey Bar and Grill3353 Yonge St.

Cuisine: Canadian, French, Italian, Asian

Who needs to travel when you can taste the world right here in Toronto? The Money Bar and Grill serves up foods of the world accompanied by a massive wine list. Whatever you are in the mood for, you will find it here in the cozy, intimate atmosphere.

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11. The Burger Cellar3391 Yonge St.

Type of cuisine: Canadian, Late Night Food

Burgers and wine? Yes, please. The Burger Cellar serves up high-end burgers with a wine pairing to go with it, and also has steaks, salads, and creative cocktails on the menu. They also have specials every day of the week, whether it’s a food or drink special, making it a budget-friendly place to bring friends and family.

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Something for everyone at Our List of the Best Yonge & Lawrence Restaurants

We are so lucky to live in a city like Toronto that offers so much diversity, especially when it comes to food. Yonge & Lawrence especially is home to people of all different cultures, making it a great place for foodies and residents of the area looking to try something new.

Whether you are trying to impress a date, head out with your partner for a night of good food together, looking for a family friendly place, or hosting a get together, you can definitely find the perfect spot in this neighborhood.

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