Top Home Trends for 2019

Top Home Trends in Toronto for 2019

Spring is (almost) in the air and many homeowners are getting ready to freshen up their home, either to sell or to increase their home value for when they do choose to sell in a few years. Spring is a great time to look at the top home trends for 2019 as a way to keep your home competitive in the Greater Toronto Area real estate market.

So, what are the top home trends for 2019? From colour palettes to new technology, there are a lot of fun things in store. Here are the top five trends I’ve been noticing in the Toronto market.

1. Smart homes

Smart homes continue to be on the rise, and having your home completely hooked up to technology can be a huge value add when it comes time to sell. Many home owners are looking to have their homes completely connected – from music, to locks, lighting, and communications. Many have installed ceiling Sonus speakers, smart lights (dimmable, or colour changing!) with Phillips Hue lights, smart thermostats, such as Nest, and then connecting everything via Alexa or Google Home.

2. Coloured Cabinets

Yes, coloured cabinets are in! The term “tuxedo cabinets” have been given to homes bold enough to go with black cabinets and white counters and backsplash. You can also play with navy, teal, or mint green depending on your colour palette. Now is the time to let your personal taste take over the kitchen – but definitely do so wisely. If you’re thinking of colouring your cabinets, ensure that the rest of the kitchen décor is the right accent (such as a neutral) so that color isn’t overpowering the room. You can never go wrong with grey.

3. Metal Accents

Brass, copper, gunmetal, and pewter accents are very in style, and not only add to the feel of the room but also to the style of the room. They add a splash of depth and sophistication, and can often be done on the cheap if you are repurposing material. Whether you use it for your facets, light fixtures, stool legs, or even on big pieces such as framing or windows, it’s up to you how much or little to use.

4. Geometrics

From geometric patterned wallpaper, to geometric lighting, tables, chairs, or even prints on fabric –people can’t get enough of geometrics. The great thing about geometrics is that they are something that many people love as they’re a gender neutral and age neutral pattern. You can use them in a kid’s room, or you can use them in your living room. You really can’t go wrong.

5. Bathroom Renovations

More specifically: the tub. Standalone tubs are becoming a huge thing, and in a city like Toronto it might be hard to find the space for an accent tub, but if you can make a tub work, future home owners will go crazy for it. A nice light bathroom, with light marble tile (you can find a lot of faux-marble these days, FYI), and copper fixtures and voila, you have an updated, modern bathroom that will increase the value of your home.

Design with a Future Buyer in Mind

If you are thinking of selling this year, or in the near future, the best thing you can do is start to research trends that potential buyers are looking for. Renovations, upgrades, and new décor is a great way to add value to your home. You want to make sure you’re buying the right pieces to get you the return on investment.

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