How to Sell a House in Toronto with a Realtor


Selling a home in Toronto with a realtor is an exciting venture. The city’s real estate market is still very hot, and buyers are busy looking to buy the perfect home or investment property. Working with a real estate agent to sell your Toronto home is a smart idea – realtors understand the process, know the market, and can ensure that everything is done professionally and legally.

Your Toronto real estate agent is your partner when it comes to selling your home. They will be able to help you get your home ready to sell, list it for you, and negotiate the best possible price for your home. Once your house is sold, your realtor will also help you with the closing process, ensuring the entire home selling process is as stress-free as possible.

Selling your house in a market like Toronto can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a closer look at what you need to know when working with a realtor to sell a home in Toronto:

Understanding Realtor Fees for Selling a House

After you find the perfect realtor, you will likely notice there are realtor fees associated with selling your home. These fees are to essentially pay your realtor for their time and effort working on your behalf.

The costs involved with working with a realtor ensures that your realtor is compensated for all of the hard work they do listing your home, showing your home, and negotiating and finalizing paperwork on your behalf. These costs associated with selling your home are ones that are invaluable to you – your realtor will help you get the best return possible when you go to sell, essentially paying the fees for you.

A Real Estate Agent Will Help You with Steps to Sell a Toronto Home

Your real estate agent is an expert when it comes to getting your home ready to sell and know the procedure for selling a house like the back of their hand. They will be able to inform you of the timeline, and will help you navigate the timeline from getting your house ready to list, to managing the open house and viewings, to handling the final closing pieces. Especially if you are trying to navigate selling your current home and buying a new one, your realtor will be integral in helping you with each step and how to manage both tasks.

A Realtor Will Help You Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Things need to be done to your home to get it ready to be put on the market. Maybe it will be things like small renovations, or simply staging your home to sell. Your realtor can help you know what to do in order to get your house ready to go on the market. Things like depersonalizing your home and decluttering, to things like a bigger renovation to increase home value. Each situation is different, and your realtor can help you decide what things need to be done before you list.

You will also likely want to do an inspection before selling your home, so you know what will pop up once the buyers do their own inspection. Your realtor will help you navigate this process as well so that you can ensure everything happens smoothly and there are no surprises when it comes time to close the offer.

Paperwork, Taxes, and Closing Costs

Lastly, your realtor will help you navigate all of the closing costs when selling your home in T.O. You will be curious to know what taxes you will have to pay, and how much property tax you will owe if you are buying a new property. As well, if you have an income property, you might be able to collect capital gains on the sale. Your realtor can help you navigate all of these questions, as well as help you with the forms and paperwork that go into selling a home.

Working with a Realtor

The key to selling your home in Toronto with a realtor is ensuring that you find a real estate agent you can trust. You want to ensure that the realtor you choose to help you sell your home is professional, communicative, and has good references.

You also want to communicate to your realtor what your expectations are in terms of selling the home - how much are you looking to get for your home? What budget do you have for staging or renovations? Do you have any questions about the process?

Ask away, and your realtor should be happy to answer.