How to Choose a Seniors Real Estate Agent in Toronto

There comes a time when older adults decide that it might be time to move. Whether it’s due to downsizing and needing a more functional home, or to move closer to family, often seniors decide that selling their home is the right choice. So, where do you start? Moving can feel overwhelming at any stage, but as you get older, it can feel even more so. Luckily, with the right real estate agent, seniors are in good hands. The right agent can help guide you through the entire process of selling, and help you find the right home for your next chapter.

How do you choose a seniors real estate agent in Toronto? Here are a few tips.

1.       Find a Realtor who specializes in working with Seniors

The great news is that the National Association of Realtors has a special designation for realtors who work with seniors. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES) credential means that a realtor has taken extra learning and courses in order to be an expert resource for home buyers or sellers who are 50 plus. They know how to help retirees move, downsize, and find the right home for their new lifestyle.

You can find an SRES realtor by visiting the SRES website and entering your postal code. I am proud to be an SRES designated Realtor here in Toronto.

2.       Ask for referrals

Another great way to find the perfect realtor is to ask for referrals from your friends, neighbors, and community groups. Going with someone who you know helped your friend or family member find their perfect home is often a more comfortable experience then starting from scratch.

3.       Ask them questions

Don’t be shy about interviewing your potential Realtor! A good Realtor is ready to answer any and all questions you may have, patiently and thoroughly. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

·         What is your experience helping Seniors buy or sell their homes?

·         What is different for older adults selling a home, as compared to other sellers?

·         What types of homes or area would you recommend for someone like us who is looking to downsize?

·         Do you have connections to moving companies, lawyers, organizers and home stagers?

·         Are you able to help us get our home ready to sell? What is that process like?

Take your time to when choosing an Realtor, and feel free to ask trusted friends or family to ask questions as well.

4.       Make sure it feels like a partnership

A Realtor should be attentive to your needs and make you feel comfortable every step of the way. If you feel pressured, rushed, or ignored at any point in the process, talk to your realtor and consider finding someone else if the issue is not resolved. Remember that if something doesn’t feel right, you should mention it. Your real estate agent is there to be your trusted partner. They are there to walk you through paperwork, explain how things are going to work, and take you through all the next steps so you feel confident about the process.

Your Realtor will help you find the perfect Toronto home

Seniors and retirees often feel a huge weight lifted off of their shoulders once they sell their old home and move into the right space for the next phase of their life. Downsizing or moving closer to family and amenities is freeing and exciting. Your real estate agent will help you decide what you need to live your absolute best life, and will help you take the steps to sell and get you where you need to be.

I am a designated Seniors Real Estate Specialist serving the Greater Toronto Area. I would love to help you with your buying, selling, downsizing and real estate marketing questions. You can reach me at 416-543-4939 or email me at