Bathroom Renovations 101

Renovating your bathroom is a small but impactful renovation to do for your home. Whether you’re thinking about doing your master bathroom, ensuite, or the little guest bathroom on the main floor, you’ll be thankful you did it! It’s a wonder what can be done with a few small changes like a new coat of paint, new tiles, or simply a new mirror let alone the transformation that can be done when you replace fixtures or counters.

The great thing about bathroom renovations is that a little goes a long way. You can find a renovation that can fit your budget – you don’t have to be knocking out tubs and replacing huge vanities! A simple refresh of your bathroom can make a world of difference, and remember that everything you put into your bathroom renovation will have an impact on your home value.

So, how do you get started?

Determine a budget

Your budget is going to guide how much you can take on. If you have other renovations you want to get done that take priority, you may only want to sink a few hundred or thousand dollars into your bathroom renovation. Depending on how dated your bathroom is, and how much you can DIY, a little can go a long way.

Plus, a budget will help you decide what you will want to buy new, and what you want to keep, refurbish, or buy second hand.

Address pressing needs first

A leaky tub or shower, moldy and cracked tiles, and dated ventilation and plumbing is going to have to take priority in any renovation. Having a functioning bathroom is important, and water damage and mold will be a costlier fix down the road.

You want to ensure your washroom has the right vent and fan system, and that the window is doing its job. Check the pipes and replace any old copper pipes, concrete boards, and sheetrock. Check your floors and make sure everything is level and do a double tack to make sure there is absolutely no water damage anywhere.

Use the right materials

Bathrooms have special needs, and since they’re so damp and get so much use, you want to buy the right paint, tiles, and fixtures for bathrooms specifically. When it comes to paint, for example, consider a semi-gloss paint as it will practically resist moisture and it’s easier to clean. You want to consider porcelain tile as it will withstand water and moisture, rather than marble, granite, and ceramic.

Talk to the experts at the hardware store if you aren’t sure!

Consider the right design

Once you have the basics covered, you want to create a bathroom that is nice on the eyes. Bright paint will lighten up the bathroom (especially if it’s a small space) and light colours show less dirt. Add in another sink if you have the proper plumbing and the right water pressure – especially if you have the space and family needs for two sinks.

When you’re adding in the sink, make sure it’s at the right height especially if you’re adding in new counters. The ideal height is 32 inches to 34 inches, so if you have a higher sink or a built in sink, you need to consider the counter height in total.

If you’re tight on space, consider a corner sink or one of the trendy new half sized sinks. They save space and look cool. You want to make the space feel fresh, open, and enjoyable to spend time in as well as easy to maneuver.

Bathroom renovations are always a great idea

Potential home buyers do notice the bathroom, and it’s amazing what a few small tweaks can do to the value of a home when it comes time to sell. Dated bathrooms scream future renovation, and not every new buyer wants to do it their self.

If you’re considering selling, it’s incredible what a few small renovations can do to a bathroom to increase the value of your home. If you have the money for the investment, a big bathroom renovation can really transform space and make home buyers LOVE your property.

Even if you’re not considering selling, bathroom renovations are a great investment to the overall happiness and ease of living. Start with a coat of paint, and see where you end up!