8 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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Winter is upon us, and soon will be the minus zero temperatures and few feet of snow and ice us Canadians have grown accustomed to. We never know just what winter has in store for us here in Toronto, but we do know that preparing our home for the cold, wet, and ice is the best way to make sure we have a stress-free winter season.

By preparing your home for winter, you can help prevent damage and unwanted surprises that can come with the harsh change of season. A few small things can make a world of a difference, so here’s some tips you can do right now so you can spend the rest of the winter curled up with a good book and mug of hot chocolate.

1.       Get your furnace serviced

Its good measure to get your furnace serviced once a year. The last thing you want is to come home one day to a freezing home and have to call the repair guys! Have your furnace company come in and make sure that your furnace is in tip top shape, and if not, have them make the changes needed to keep it running smoothly all winter.

2.       Take a peek at the roof

Before the snow comes, take a look on the roof and make sure that all your shingles look good and the gutters are clear. Winter brings a ton of water once spring hits, so you want to make sure that you won’t be getting any leaks.

3.       Drain any outdoor water

Make sure that you turn off hoses and faucets, and empty out anything that has water in it which is stored outside. Freezing water can damage faucets, buckets, and equipment so drain it before the temperature drops.

4.       Check for a draft

Now is the time to go around the house and find any unwanted drafts or steamy windows. Fixing the caulking or window now will save you later on your energy bill.

5.       Consider getting a smart thermostat

With all the holiday deals, winter might be the best time to finally invest in a smart thermostat. Home owners have been raving about how awesome it is to control your heat from an app on your phone. You can program your smart thermostat to be lower during the day and then kick up the heat just before everyone comes home for the day. No more cold toes while you wait for your furnace to heat your home. Plus, having the information on the go means that if something does go wrong (a window breaks, or the furnace cuts out), you will be alerted on your phone so you can get back home or call someone before any damage occurs.

6.       Cut tree branches

Tree branches that are already too long or struggling will break once snow and ice gathers on them, so you will want to preventatively trim them before they fall so you won’t get any surprises.

7.       Insulate pipes

A frozen pipe is not fun, so take some time to give your pipes some insulation if they are exposed so that you know they’ll be warm (and running smoothly) all winter.

8.       Clean the fireplace

Get this done nice and early, so you can enjoy your fireplace as soon as you’d like and not worry about any fire hazards.

Enjoy a worry-free winter

Winter is such a great time to sit back and enjoy spending time at home. With some simple preparation, you can know with confidence that your home is winter ready and safe as the snow falls outside. A few small things can make a huge difference by the time spring comes and all you need is one day on the weekend to get your home prepped and ready for whatever Toronto winter comes our way.