5 Easy Ways to Get Your Yard Looking Great

Yard MD.png

Every spring and summer, homeowners begin the quest for the perfect, lush green lawn and beautiful yard. While for some, it may seem like a daydream, for others achieving the best yard is a breeze. What’s the secret? A bit of TLC and attentiveness, and your yard should thrive this summer. It doesn’t have to be a ton of work – but a few tweaks should get your grass growing green and flowers blooming in no time.

You don’t have to go out and buy fancy products or tools. Rather, all you have to do is educate yourself on just what your yard needs and what time to do it.

Here are some tips for having the perfect yard:

1.       Grass care

Mowing your lawn often at the right height for your climate is key. You want to raise and lower your mower blade height depending on the season. In the summer, raise your blade about 2 inches or more so it doesn’t fry from the heat of the sun. Make sure your mower blade is sharp, and try to give your lawn the water it needs if rain is few and far between.

Make sure to get a weed cutter for the grass that grows beside fences, patios, and garages. It helps keep your lawn looking cleaned and manicured.

2.       De-weeding

Weeds can drive everyone nuts, but they don’t have to! With a bit of good timing and the right products, you can tackle those pesky weeds. Definitely make sure you pull the weeds out of all your flowerbeds to keep them looking polished. Then, identify which weeds are overtaking your lawn, because not all weeds get treated the same.

You want to fertilize in early spring and then again in the fall to prep your lawn for the winter. Fertilize in between if necessary but don’t worry too much about it – the sun and some water will be doing wonders for your lawn on its own.

3.       Annual & perennial flowers

Annual flowers are flowers that grow once a year and then die when the season is up, whereas perennials regrow every spring. You want to plant a mix of both, because while perennial flowers will come back every year, there’s usually a gap between when they bloom so you will want to fill those gaps with beautiful annuals to keep your garden booming. While you don’t have to go crazy with annuals since they only last you one season, they’re a nice touch to add some special seasonality to your gardens.

4.       Proper lighting

Summer is for hosting, and it’s such a nice touch to have nice lighting in the backyard. Whether it’s a faux-gas fireplace around the patio furniture, fairy lights in the backyard, or tikki lanterns to add a summer flare to your yard, you really can’t go wrong. Light up the pathways and get creative in your garden to add that extra wow-factor.

5.       A nice looking fence

Now that its summer, it’s time to do the repairs on the fence and re-stain or repaint the fence to get it looking brand new.  If you think your fence might just need a facelift, try giving it a pressure wash or adding toppers to wooden beams. These two simple tricks will give your fence a whole new life at a low-cost.

Think small first when it comes to your yard

There are so many small things you can do to your yard that can really give it a breath of fresh air – no pun intended! Whether it’s adding stones to the garden, or painting a fence, your yard will look amazing with some low-cost, low effort changes.

Coming home to a nice garden and a nice backyard will pay you back in full as you relax over a barbeque.