6 Backyard Renovations With ROI


Nothing says “wow” like a well-maintained outdoor property. Quality outdoor living space is very important to potential home buyers, whether they are looking for a space to relax, unwind, and entertain, or become the ‘go-to’ backyard for the neighbourhood kids.

Just like indoor renovations, there are many things you can do outside to increase your home value. From simple do-it-yourself projects to hiring a professional, a few tweaks to your outdoor space can help you when it comes time to sell.

Here are my top backyard renovations that can help boost your home's value.

1.    Fencing

Home owners want privacy when they’re in their backyard, and a fence is a great way to give your backyard that private oasis feeling. If you already have a fence, make sure it’s mended and in great shape. Stain it or paint it to give it the right finishing touches. Add toppers to the posts to give it a finished look and proper clasps on the gate.

If you’re installing a fence, it can be done on your own with some skill or you may want to hire a professional. You’ll make your money back when it comes time to sell.

2.    Eating and entertaining space

People love a good patio, and there’s no better way to showcase a backyard than a BBQ and some gorgeous patio furniture. You can go big or small with this project, building a deck or simply utilizing interlock patio stones to create a designated lounge space. Adding an electric fire pit and some lighting goes a long way to wow home buyers, and comfy patio furniture with nice, clean cushions is a must have. Browse websites such as Pinterest and Houzz, and House Beautiful for backyard décor inspiration. Ask your Realtor for tips on current style trends.

3.    Freshen up the walkway

Your walkway invites potential buyers into the backyard, and sets the tone for the look and flow of your outdoor space. Use stones or wood to build a path, and accent it with shrubs, stones, or flower pots. If you have wood, ensure its stained and fresh looking. If you’re building something new, try out stone as it’s longer lasting. Ensure any cracks in your pathways and driveway are free of weeds and debris. Is your front walkway outdated? Consider hiring a professional paving company to create an aesthetically appealing walkway and patio that complement your home’s architecture.

Add some lighting to the walkway for the night time, considering solar energy lights to save the headache of installing the electricity or replacing batteries.

4.    Easy gardening

A beautiful, simple garden will up your home’s curb appeal. Ideally, your garden should appeal to both the green thumbs and novice gardeners. Consider hiring a professional landscaper if you’re not too sure where to start. Between hedges, flowers, veggies, and trees, it can be hard to know what will work best and how to plant them properly.

If you’re simply looking to spruce things up, flower boxes and stones can really make a yard pop. Remember to start small and build raised beds, outlining them to give it definition. Do your research and ask your green thumb family member or neighbour for tips on what grows best in your environment.

5.    Fresh paint or siding

How is the exterior of your home doing? It might be worthwhile to repaint or re-side your home. While it may seem like a big job, it will definitely pay you back if the work needs to be done. If you’re not sure it’ll be worthwhile, ask your realtor for their opinion. You may just need a fresh pressure wash to get the job done.

If your siding is okay as-is, don’t forget about the window fixtures, doors, and garage doors. A fresh coat of paint and some accents are easy to do, cost efficient, and make your exterior pop.

6.    Proper lighting

Ensure your yard has the right lighting to make outdoor living easy. A fresh fixture on your front and back doorstep can add some real character to the entry ways, and automatic lights are always a must-have. Lanterns or accent lighting in the backyard is a nice touch to any backyard.

Professional or DIY?

If sprucing up your backyard isn’t a fun project for you or your family, hiring professionals can make a world of a difference. Whether you need a designer, a landscaper, or someone to come and install some stones, consider the money spend as an investment on your home.

If you’re great at DIY, many backyard projects can be done on the cheap. Hunt on second-hand websites, garden centre sales, and yard sales for the perfect addition to your backyard. Get your hands dirty and enjoy the process!

I'm always here to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email me at mary@marydempster.ca or call me at 416-543-4939, and let me help you make find the home that's right for you.