Spring Home Maintenance in 10 Easy Steps

Spring is in the air! Homeowners everywhere are venturing outside and enjoying the long-awaited warmer weather. While the melted snow means it’s time to enjoy green grass and the new garden, it also means that some parts of our home need some love and care. Winter, especially Canadian winters, can give our homes some tough love. This means that homeowners should take some time to get ready for the spring and summer months.

Getting some spring home maintenance done is a smart move for homeowners everywhere. It gives you time to remedy any winter damage, prepare your home for the rain and hot weather, and not to mention, enjoy the fresh spring air. I highly recommend taking time out of your weekend to do some spring maintenance before vacation time starts. Here’s my  10 step checklist:

1.     Inspect the exterior

Grab a ladder and check your roof and shingles to see how they fared through the winter. Check out your exterior caulking and replace any that may have eroded or cracked. Take a peek at all of your windows and doors, making sure your screens are all in working order and watch out for any rust. Walk around your foundation and check for cracks, leaks, and loose bricks. Same goes for your deck – give everything a wiggle and make sure it’s all sound.

2.     Clean, clean, clean

Get those gutters clean, pressure wash your siding, and get those windows sparkling clean. The longer you leave on dirt, dust, and any other not-so-great seasonal items, the harder it will become to clean later.

3.    Check your concrete

Cracks in your concrete or asphalt should be fixed or replaced promptly to avoid further damage. Plus, no one likes ugly weeds growing through cracks! Whether it’s your driveway, stairs, or backyard patio – get that concrete in tip top shape for the summer.

4.    Schedule an air-conditioning service appointment

It’s important to give your AC a check-up now rather than when it’s 40 degrees out. Have an expert come by to clean and service your AC unit. Clean coils and filters operate more efficiently and can save you money.

5.     Repair rotted wood

Rotted wood will just get worse for the wear, especially once it gets wet with rainy spring weather. Take time to repair any stairs, household features, or patio and fence portions that need replacement or patching.

6.     Tune up your tools

You’re going to need your lawn mower and gardening tools a lot in the coming months, so don’t forget to give these guys some love! Clean them all off, fix any loose parts, and get the rust treated.  Change the oil and filter on your mower, top up the gas, sharpen the blades and make sure everything starts smoothly.

7.      Get BBQ ready

No one wants to be in the mood for a BBQ to simply end up outside with a messy grill. Get ahead of your stomach by checking up on your BBQ, cleaning the grates, making sure the burners work, and fill up the propane tank.

8.      Check on your patio furniture

Air out your patio furniture before it’s time to have company over to enjoy some BBQ. Check for rips, mold, and any unpleasant smells. If you want to replace it, chances are families everywhere are doing the exact same thing. It’s a great time to snag some good finds on Kijiji or other “new to you” style websites.

9.      Set-up sprinklers

Make sure your sprinklers are all in working order, without leaky valves, broken sprinkler heads, or exposed lines that weren’t there last season. See how your lawn has fared over the winter and reorganize your sprinkler system before the hot sun comes out.

10.    Treat your deck

A deck that’s going to last you is a well-treated deck. If your stain looks faded, or you notice some dark areas of wood, chances are you need to get your deck treated. Remember, the pros recommend having your deck treated every 4-6 years.

A well-maintained home is a happy home, and getting ahead of maintenance issues will save you time, money, and future headache. Spring is the perfect time to get everything in working order and deal with any issues you may find. Now, you can sit back and enjoy the summer - worry free.